Reliable and trusted Ruby Experts

Reliable and trusted Ruby Experts

Flaky agencies, bug after bug, poorly written code, and nothing ever seems to ever get done. The degree of slowdown can be significant. Teams that were moving very fast in the beginning, now find themselves moving at a snail’s pace. Every change to the code breaks two or three other parts of the code. No change is ever easy, driving productivity further down to zero and costs through the roof.

Welcome to the Ruby on Rails all-in-one guide from Megan soft ! After our React Native Development Guide, this is another massive piece of content where when we take a deep dive into our favorite development frameworks.

No more Googling. No more web digging. We give you all the info about Ruby on Rails in one place

Sound familiar? We’ve seen this same story over and over again. The good news, Littlelines will put an end to the gridlock and start getting the best value on your investment – your Rails app.

Experienced teams accelerate development

Everything we’ve learned about Ruby On Rails development comes from delivery hundreds of applications since version 1.0 all the way up to version 5.2 – keeping techniques that work and throwing away the ones that don’t, and there are a lot of techniques that don’t work. This doesn’t mean cutting corners – not by any means. The trick is writing code for the long term. Now, there’s a lot that goes into think long-term – too much to go into here, but here are just a few of the techniques you’ll discover.