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BOT-Built, Intrgration Services

Build an offshore facility in India for the customer, around the existing team of experienced people, process and infrastructure Operate the offshore facility customizing it to specific customer needs with the right people, process, tools and technologies

Transfer the offshore facility over to the customer once a steady state is reached and the facility operates on its own

B O T Model

Enables companies to build and own an offshore asset in India with less risk and for less money than they would pay for outsourcer to take their work offshore. Under this model

Megan will build an offshore development center using the synergies of its existing offshore infrastructure

Megan will operate for a pre-set time period building up the necessary people, processes, and infrastructure to support the clientís long-term needs

Megan will transfer the legal entity at the end of an agreed upon timeframe for an agreed upon cost

Megan will do the above in a completely transparent model that maximizes control of budget and retains the culture of parent organization

Redirecting Operational expenditures into your own strategic asset with your branded identity

Reduce dependence of third party vendor and time to get operational and ensures protection of intellectual property by retaining the individuals and knowledge and ensurer

Ensure low cost, high productivity, scalable organization offshore to meet the ever changing business needs and rapid scaling needs for wider services

Minimal Capital investment upfront with lower set-up cost upfront

Integration Services

Meganís approach to integration is embodied in the Business Process model, which integrates an organization's internal information systems as well as those of customers, suppliers, and trading partners at a business processes level. through the use of common business objects and business transforms using open industry standards such as XML, XSLTs, Web services, etc