With machines and internet making a permanent base in our routine lifestyle, it is not surprising that app development for IoT is a need of the hour. In the Internet of Thingsa.k.a IoT physical devices and internet have joined forces to make our life much easier. With IoT coming to life, our way of interacting with the machines and devices is changing forever.

The belief of connecting humans with machines using the most effective processes is something that has driven MeganSoft to plunge into app development for IoT devices.

To be true to our motto of being your partners from alpha to ultimate we don’t want to leave any chance of equipping you with the best of technologies, whether it is for home automation or office automation, the goal is to take a new approach for the phrase “Going Digital”.


The base of any of the technologies is data and it needs to be collected, processed and interpreted. In IoT technology, data analytics is done using BIG DATA and MACHINE LEARNING.


As the Internet of Things is based on connecting various devices and applications, the connectivity for app development for IoT devices is provided between entities using wireless, Ethernet, Bluetooth, NFC, 4G LTE, etc.


A number of protocols are to be addressed when focusing on IoT app development as it has to keep in mind about mandate rules of the devices it is to connect, some of them being HTTP, UDP, TCP, CoAPP, MODBUS, WEAVE, etc.


Cloud platform integration is a must as we are talking about remote functioning. IoT can be set up using AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix, etc.

Development Platforms

Without a platform that is highly configured providing writing, compiling and processing at its best, IoT device cannot be developed. The most used platforms in app development for IoT devices are Arduino platform, Windows 10 IoT core, Quarks IoT tools, etc.


In IoT appliances, the hardware comprises of miniature boards, or single board processors like Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi or BeagleBoard. Mostly the hardware components are assembled using low power boards, FPGA, shields etc.

Web Services

In app development for IoT devices, API integration is a must as we have to assemble the various devices that count for integration of web services such as RestFul service, OAuth Authorization services, SOAP services, Thing API, etc.

Operating Systems

In IoT technology, the operating systems are forming glue for the application to depict the effects of all the modules, the most used operating systems are Android, iOS, Windows 10, etc.