Consulting Services

Megan Soft stands as a foremost purveyor of information technology personnel, catering to the requirements of local and regional clientele. Rooted in a commitment to deliver unparalleled proficiency, streamlined efficiency, and uncompromising excellence, our placement services extend an array of three distinct options. Each of these options is meticulously tailored to address your unique staffing prerequisites, ensuring a customized approach that aligns seamlessly with your needs:


Organizations strategically leverage contract positions for a multitude of reasons, encompassing diverse scenarios such as project-based endeavors, navigational through seasonal ebbs and flows, and bridging gaps caused by temporary absences like vacations, maternity or long-term leaves, as well as natural attrition. Characterized by their specificity, these roles are often bounded by a clearly delineated commencement and conclusion date, ensuring a focused and time-bound engagement.

Permanent Placement

Megan Soft US provides clients with the valuable choice of permanent personnel placement, and a significant portion of our consultants remain receptive to embracing full-time positions within suitable organizations. Through a fee-based arrangement, we actively support our clients in their pursuit of recruiting permanent talent, deploying our expertise to meticulously identify individuals who align seamlessly with their requirements.

Contract to Hire

The ramifications of making an erroneous hiring decision extend far beyond mere financial implications. This reality prompts companies to opt for a prudent approach – often involving the initial engagement of a prospective full-time employee as a contractor. This strategic maneuver allows organizations to comprehensively assess the individual’s skill set and compatibility before making the pivotal decision to extend a permanent offer.