Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Are you grappling with soaring talent acquisition expenses? Struggling to locate proficient and suitable talent? Battling a tarnished employment brand? Burdening your HR department beyond capacity?

If any of these scenarios resonate, they present compelling motives to contemplate engaging in a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) arrangement. Such an approach can markedly enhance the effectiveness, swiftness, and caliber of your organization’s direct hiring endeavors. By harnessing your internal tools and resources, Megan Soft facilitates the revitalization of your talent acquisition function.

RPO Solutions – Adding value across the Enterprise.

At its fundamental essence, recruitment process outsourcing entails the utilization of an external entity to oversee certain or comprehensive aspects tied to the recruitment of professionals destined for direct client employment. Functioning as an adjunct of your enterprise, Megan Soft assumes responsibility for organization-wide hiring endeavors or focused recruitment assignments, encompassing tasks such as:

  • Candidate attraction strategies.
  • Assure compliance with regulatory codes and standards.
  • Competency-based interviewing.
  • Technical and skill-based assessments.
  • Interview scheduling.
  • Candidate follow-up and offer management.
  • Applicant tracking and HR system data entry.
  • Detailed reference checking.
  • Background checks and drug screening.
  • On boarding and corporate orientation

We take on as much of the recruiting process as you need, so you can take care of business. Complete customisation ensures the best approach for any number of scenarios, including:

  • Ongoing recruiting needs across the enterprise.
  • High-volume initiatives for similar positions.
  • High-impact projects requiring rapid turnaround.
  • New market or product launches.
  • Diversity hiring initiatives

As a brand ambassador, we’ll represent you with professionalism and personality, whether you choose partial process or our end-to-end recruitment process outsourcing solution.